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About Us

A place for every dog.
No matter what.

Howling Good K9 is a family owned and operated facility located in Gray Court, SC off Fairview Road, 12 minutes from Simpsonville. We provide exceptional care at an affordable rate that will bring you and your dog comfort while you are away.

Julianne & Paul
Julianne & Dog Called Freja
Paul & Dog Called Appa

About Us

Paul and Julianne Smith opened Howling Good K9 in January 2023 to provide a personal and home-like experience for owners and pets alike. Their goal is for every client to feel comfort and peace of mind when having their beloved canines stay at their facility. Julianne is a canine behaviorist with experience from basic obedience to severe behavioral cases and has knowledge from the many years working in kennels. Their combined passion for the love and care of animals has led them to create the business they have today.

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Schedule a Free Consultation Today

Are you ready to calm your wild but unsure of where to begin? Contact Howling Good K9 today so we can start you and your dog on a journey to a happy, harmonious life together.

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